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Alex Hormozi Quotes

Alex Hormozi Quote – Dream big, start small, but most of all, start.

Hey there, my fellow dreamers and doers! πŸ™Œ Ready to dive deep into the real essence of entrepreneurship? We’re about to explore a tiny, yet powerful mantra that I live by, a quote that I believe will rev up your entrepreneurial journey just like a fuel-injected Mustang.

“Dream big. Start small. πŸš€ But most of all, start.” Doesn’t sound mind-blowing, right? 😏 But believe me, this simple piece of wisdom is the rocket fuel behind my every endeavor.

Here’s a small story – back in the day, I was a personal trainer trying to make my first entrepreneurial leap. That’s when this quote hit me like a lightning bolt! πŸ’₯ I had dreams of building a business empire, but dreams alone couldn’t fund my aspirations. So, I started small – a single gym with no more than twenty clients. Yes, it was nerve-racking, but it was also an exhilarating thrill of kick-starting my very own business!

The gist of it? The magic is in STARTING. All you have to do is immerse yourself in the beautiful, chaotic world of entrepreneurship, and learn and grow with every step you take. 🌱 Even if you’re standing on a sand dune of challenges, once you take that first step, you’re already miles ahead of those who never did!

“Dream big” and “start small” are two sides of the same coin. Dreaming means having a destination in your mind’s eyes. 🎯Start small means taking that first decisive step towards that destination. It means turning thoughts into action and dreams into reality.

I didn’t build multiple 8-figure businesses out of thin air. I struggled, I grew, I iterated. And most importantly, I STARTED.

So, if you’re on the edge, contemplating whether or not to dive into that business idea you’ve been nurturing, I say take the plunge! 😎Remember, every entrepreneurial journey starts with a single step.

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Stop dreaming, start DOING. No matter how small that first step might seem, trust me, it’s a leap towards realizing your grand dreams. So dream big, start small, but most of all, START! πŸš€

My fellow entrepreneurs, are you ready to start?


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